PEBA's Mission & Vision



For over 30 years, PEBA has been the association of choice for the Delaware Valley's benefits and compensation professionals.  Founded by local benefits professionals looking to expand the education opportunities for other benefits professionals in the Delaware Valley, PEBA has expanded its scope over the years to have members with benefits and compensation responsibilities.  PEBA is organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is exempt from federal income tax.

Today PEBA’s mission is to be the “Connector” of professionals with compensation and benefits responsibilities in the Delaware Valley.  PEBA provides a unique opportunity for its members to develop their careers and do their jobs better by providing face-to-face networking and learning opportunities.  PEBA also facilitates peer-based support and promotes the highest standards of professional competence and ethics.


PEBA's vision is to be an organization that focuses on the following for its members:

  • Community.  Facilitate access to other members for the purpose of networking and knowledge transfer of compensation and benefit topics and about other members.  Aspire to be the voice for the compensation and benefit community in the Delaware Valley
  • Content.  Offer its membership knowledge content based in compensation and benefit topics that are naturally enriched by having in-person interaction with other PEBA members.  Offer continuing education credits as needed by the membership.
  • Career Development. Bring targeted compensation and benefit career enhancement opportunities to its members through partnerships and foundational skill enhancements.



View our current PEBA Bylaws. Please contact PEBA if you are interested in receiving a copy of our Form 990.